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Marketing and Advertising

Each year, businesses spend millions on elaborate sales campaigns, collateral material, and advertising, and often discover the image created did not attract the appropriate buyer. Unfortunately, this is a common dilemma.

Custom Business Printing Solution's Marketing Specialists work closely with you to identify correct placement within the marketplace, and exactly who your potential buyers are.


Before a project or campaign is started, a solid marketing strategy is developed. We believe that it is not enough for an ad, brochure or website to be just good. It must have impact and produce results before its success can be judged. In todays market, it is more critical than ever to look for new ways to develop maximum brand exposure to potential customers. We provide a host of innovative methods that encompass both traditional and nontraditional approaches.


A media strategy is a major component of the marketing process. The media form a direct link between you and potential clientele. Custom develops a list of media sources (tailored to your budget) whose attention can best promote your company We creatively develop and oversee the production of all your advertising needs From black and white to four-color, we design promotional pieces that pop and motivate. We purchase media space and coordinate media events that build relationships with these key players. We understand regional markets and nuances, which will work to your advantage. Whatever your need, Custom will put our creativity to work for you.

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